Anime is something I am both very new to and very excited about. In the hopes of converting more people to weeb-dom, I’m rating all the shows and movies I’ve watched so far!

Spirited Away – 4.5/5

This movie was the most visually stunning and wonder-inducing film I have probably ever watched. It is wonderfully charming and perfectly lovely. The only reason I knocked it half a point is because the ending felt unfinished. I was left feeling like I needed more from the story itself. However, I think this is a masterpiece and a film everyone should watch!

Howl’s Moving Castle – 4/5

The first 25 minutes of this movie are fantastic. The rest of the movie is very pleasant, beautiful, and whimsical as well. I love how this movie takes a simple concept and makes it something absolutely magical.

Princess Mononoke – 4/5

This is an action-packed story that touches on subjects like conservation, communication, forgiveness, and mutual understanding. Like all other Studio Ghibli films, this movie is a visual treat. While not as whimsical as Spirited Away or Howl’s, it holds it’s own – especially during any scenes in the forest.

Fairy Tail – 4.5/5

I’m not actually done with Fairy Tail yet. I’ve got about 100 episodes to go. But I’m confident in my review. I love this show. I love the characters. I love the concept. It’s funny, it’s adventurous, it’s mysterious, and it’s fun. Great show. Very fan-servicy, but great.

One Punch Man – 5/5

This show is a masterpiece. It’s hilarious. Everyone needs to watch this show. I can’t praise it enough.

Dragonball Z Kai – 4/5

A total classic, the anime that started them all. I love this show for their perpetual fight for higher power levels and endless pride fueled insults. Vegeta is my freaking guy. Goku is the GOAT, or as Cam likes to say, GOATku. I docked a point because sometimes you have to get through entire episodes where literally nothing happens and they’re just tossing insults at each other, but hey, its Dragonball.

A Silent Voice – 4.5/5

Before watching this movie, I wasn’t aware that anime could be anything but people fighting monsters or each other. But this movie showed me that anime can really be anything. This is an emotional film that nearly brought me to tears multiple times. If you’re into films about growth and friendship, this one is definitely for you!

The Seven Deadly Sins – 3.5/5

I really liked this show. I thought it was an interesting concept, though I’m not too impressed withSeason 2. I am in the middle of Season 3 right now and its a lot better, though I heard that Season 4 is the worst one yet, so we shall see. As far as convenience this is one of the easier ones to watch since it’s on Netflix. If you’re okay with the occasional inappropriate sexual jokes (fan service fersure) then this is a great quick watch.

Hunter x Hunter – 3.5/5

The first arc is the best, and in my opinion they steadily get worse. The chimera ant arc was the DUMBEST thing I have ever had to get through. Most of my rating is based on the first three arcs, the chimera ant arc is irrelevant. I refu

Your Name – 5/5

This immediately became one of my favorite movies. It made me feel everything I want a movie to make me feel. It’s gorgeous, funny, sad, and amazing all in one. It makes my heart swell.

Sailor Moon – 4.5/5

We love strong female leads!! And character development! I wish I had watched this show as a small child. I loved it. It’s got kind of an old TV, powerpuff girl feel.

Death Note – 3.5/5

There’s a reason this is consistently one of the top anime on everyone’s list. It would be mine too. This show is gripping and mind-bending and exciting. It’s honestly so good. Then an important character dies (no spoilers here) and the show just continued to get worse and worse so I eventually didn’t bother finishing it because I didn’t think it was worth it. Let me know if you think I should anyway…

My Hero Academia – 4.5/5

My rating of the show so far. It’s in it’s 4th season and its very good. I love all the different quirks that the characters have, and Deku is the sweetest bean. Definitely lives up to the hype.

Avatar the Last Airbender – 5/5

Honestly if you haven’t watched this by now what are you doing with your life. A show superior to all others.

Violet Evergarden – 2/5

Boring. Boring boring boring. One point because I thought the concept was interesting. The other point is because it was really aesthetic and pretty. Other than that I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Maybe I’m just used to watching action-based anime. Except no I don’t get why people like this so much.

Ouran High School Host Club – 4/5

I feel like this is the kind of show that would either turn people on to anime or totally turn them off. This show is WEIRD and I loved it. It was super funny and quick to watch. By the end I felt like I had really bonded with the characters. Sad there is no season two…

Children of the Whales – 2.5/5

This one bummed me out the most. cause I really wanted to like it. But there’s only 12 episodes and I don’t think they did a good job of setting up the world or getting you to really care about the characters. Everything happens super fast and I never really felt like I understood what was going on. It looked pretty though so that’s something.

Your lie in April – 5/5

Oh my goodness I love this show. From start to finish its emotional and visually stunning and the MUSIC!!! I love classical music so I have a soft spot for this soundtrack. Great show, would recommend to anyone willing to shed a tear or two.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower – 3/5

This movie was totally fine. I feel like it had a lot of potential but the just didn’t do it for me. I wanted to be more encapsulated in the world but ehh.

Grave of the Fireflies – 2.5/5

This one bummed me out Studio Ghibli. I was expecting to come out of it sobbing but it just didn’t convey the raw emotions of a post war environment like I thought it would. I didn’t really identify with the characters, though I felt for the hardships they were met with. The timeline was really confusing at times. Also I would have cared a lot more about the little sister if she wasn’t so dang annoying the whole time.

Inuyasha –

Currently watching. I think there are about 8 seasons. Definitely enjoying myself so far.

Haikyuu – 3.5/5

This show is fine. There are definitely some funny parts and the characters are good. I guess it’s been hyped up too much because I didn’t think it was amazing. Bummed cause I play volleyball so I really wanted to like it more. Still good, sorry Kiki.

A Whisker Away – 3.5/5

I liked this movie a lot more than I thought I would. It was definitely weird, and I don’t think I’d ever watch it again. The story was more interesting that I would have thought. The cat world was cool, kinda wish they did more of the movie there.

The Garden of Words – 3/5

This one had some potential but it was really short. It looked pretty, but that’s about it. Again, I don’t think I’d ever watch it a second time.

The Promised Neverland – 5/5

Equally terrifying, sad, tragic, and edge-of-your-seat gripping. I watched the whole thing in one night. Well done, can’t wait for season 2.

Children of the Sea – 5/5

This movie was absolutely mystifying. A 2001 Space Odyssey adventure that takes place beneath the sea. Completely gorgeous, highly recommend to those that like to interpret endings.

Paprika- 3.5/5

I wanted to like this movie more than I did. I felt very confused the whole time, and the story didn’t grip me as fiercely as it did those I watched it with. Still worth a look, especially if you like movies like Inception.

Neon Genesis Evangelion – 3.5/5

Okay so this was good? But only because after watching the whole thing I looked up what the heck was going on the whole time. As a concept, brilliant. Execution-wise? Eh.

Maid Sama – 4.5/5

I was not expecting to like this so much but oh my goodness I loved it. It’s charming and cute and funny and satisfying. I wish there was a second season.

Kakegurui- 4.5/5

Holy moly this show was SO GOOD!! It’s gripping and kinda terrifying. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the first two seasons and literally cannot wait for a third.

Cowboy Bebop – 4/5

This show was so cool. Ed cracks me up. Very vibe heavy. They are the worst bounty hunters ever (as Cam says) but the show was entertaining and I enjoyed watching it.

Demonslayer – 5/5

I mean, c’mon there’s no better fight scenes in all of anime. I’ve watched Season 1, 2 and the movie. This show deserves all the hype it gets.

Devilman Crybaby-

I started an episode of this and forgot about it.

JuJutsu Kaisen – 5/5

This show is dope. It’s like Demonslayer but way funnier. I absolutely love it. And the Season 1 outro is an incredible composition.

Attack on Titan – 3/5

Okay listen, is the story interesting? Yes. Do I want to know more about what’s going on in this titan world? Of course. But every. single. character. pisses me off. They are all annoying. We shall see if I ever feel inclined to finish it. Stopped in the middle of Season 3.

Ranking of Kings – 2.5/5

Idk this show was whatever. They didn’t explain a lot that happened, some of the characters were pretty weird or annoying. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend.

Spy Family – 3/5

It started out really good but they’re definitely milking the story for episodes. Got boring toward the end and the season finale might as well have not been an episode.

Akira – 3/5

This movie was odd. Definitely an interesting concept and relatively entertaining. I can see why people like it, just wasn’t my thing.

My Neighbor Totoro – 4.5/5

I LOVED this movie. I think it’s very sweet and wistful. Also representative of what it’s like growing up as a young girl with a big imagination (speaking from experience).