All Things Kale!

SROP 2020 Snail Behavioral Project

In the summer of 2020, I applied and was accepted into the University of Louisville’s Summer Research Opportunity Program which grants undergraduate students the opportunity to experience graduate level research. With the help of my mentor, Dr. Perri Eason, I spent 10 weeks studying the exploratory behavior of a common terrestrial snail.

Food and Sustainability: How Your Diet Affects the Planet

Click here to read the article I wrote for White Lotus Magazine, Vol. One, August 2022 (pg. 26)

(Mostly) Scientific Illustrations

I have always found joy in creating art ever since I was a child. While I don’t spend nearly as much time with it these days, I find myself able to express that artistic side of me through scientific illustrations. I take notes vigorously during my undergraduate and graduate classes, and one thing that has always really helped me is having a clear visual of what it is I’m learning.