Interesting Reads

As Permafrost Thaws, Scientists Study the Risks

Permafrost is a layer of permanently frozen soil in the Arctic region. This is a really great, informative, easy-to-digest read about the potential consequences of the thawing permafrost.

Sinkhole Science: Groundwater in the Great Lakes

This article contains a video that I think is worth the watch. Its pretty short and it does a really good job of explaining what it is these scientists are doing and why it is economically important.

Can the Super Bowl Go Zero Waste?

Let me tell you, I am a sucker for some NatGeo. This article I felt was both relevant and thought-provoking. You never think of huge events like the Super Bowl and immediately think “but what about all the trash?”.

Why Does The Arctic Have More Plastic Than Most Places On Earth?

This is one of those all-encompassing, going-into-more-detail articles. If you’re really interested in the specifics of what, where, how, and why ~plastic edition~, this is the one for you.

Long-term Human Impacts on Reef Fish

A brief summary of a scientific paper that aims to predict the potential impacts that the lack of fishing regulation could have both on the environment and the economy.

Study Finds High Levels of Toxic Pollutants in Stranded Dolphins and Whales

Pretty self-explanatory and pretty important. How does our habitual waste disposal affect ocean mammals?

Deep-sea Misconceptions Cause Underestimation of Seabed-mining Impacts

The deep sea is, in fact, not a dark, bleak, lifeless world. It’s a thriving environment that is essential to the flow of energy in the ocean. Let’s not drill for oil without the necessary precautions and screw it all up, okay?

Strategy for Sustainable Aquaculture, The World’s Fastest Growing Food Sector

Aquaculture is the future! This is a great summary of a paper that emphasizes the need for sustainable strategies to maintain such an important food source.

Analyzing Marine Ecosystems From 6,000 to 5,000 Years Ago to Anticipate Changes Caused By Global Warming

Not just proving that global warming exists, but actively trying to figure out what 50 years from now might look like if people continue to refuse to do anything.

Underwater Robots Reveal Daily Habits of Endangered Whales

Sperm whales! They’re amazing! Read about it!